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Here are some amazing ideas that we found online and made real in under 60 minutes with the easy to use GoDaddy Website Builder.

Roma Sopa website being displayed on a desktop computer and iPhone

Mo’ Fingers

This handy dandy idea hit the web at 1:34pm on Feb. 27. We made the site and sent it back to the user by 2:30pm.


This dog owner's dream was tweeted at 4:41pm on Feb. 26. We sent them back the finished site by 5:39pm.

Out of This World

This idea was truly out of this world. The user posted at 2:52pm on Mar. 6 and we launched their website by 3:42pm.

Crusty Cheesy Chick'n

We spotted this delicious idea on Twitter at 1:49pm on Feb. 26. The user’s business-ready website was sent back by 2:47pm.

GIF Gear

This internet-friendly idea popped up at 12:56pm on Feb. 28, we got a site back to the user in a GIF (Jif?) by 1:51pm.


We couldn’t sleep on this idea that was posted at 4:41pm on Mar. 2, we got a website back to the user by 5:39pm.

Roma Sopa

We were lucky enough to feast our eyes on this delizioso idea at 2:47pm on Feb. 27. We served back the website by 3:42pm.


We wouldn’t dare passing on this genius idea! This user tweeted 11:17am on Feb. 28 and we got a website back to them by 12:10pm.


We spotted this juicy idea at 1:05pm on Mar. 6, we sent back an a-peeling website to the user by 1:57pm.

Spider Gliders

We spotted this leggy idea 1:36pm on Mar. 12. We got to work and sent back the finished website by 2:33pm.

Dream Drive

We couldn't sleep on this idea that was tweeted at 10:03am on Feb. 27. We ran with it and made the user a website by 10:54pm.

Forget Me Knot

This knotty idea was posted at 4:41pm on Mar. 5 and we got the user’s site back to them by 5:40pm.

Barista Breath

This idea kick-started our morning when the user posted it at 11:51am on Mar. 5. We delivered them their website by 12:42pm.

Dungeness & Flagons

We received this important raven at 11:11am on Mar. 9, and answered it with their website by 12:05pm.


We found this brilliant idea at 2:47pm on Mar. 7 and sent the user their website by 3:39pm. Now someone go find a Daisy!

1 Dude & His Dog

We had to make a move on this awesome idea posted at 11:57pm on Mar. 1. We sent the site back to the user by 12:54pm.

Treble-Free Bandages

This idea was music to our ears! The user posted at 11:25am on Mar. 6, and we composed a website to be sent back by 12:22pm.